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Tornado Safety Tips

Tornadoes are destructive and they can totally demolish buildings, rip trees out of the ground, and fling objects into the air like a deadly weapon. Tornadoes can mainly occur in the area known as “Tornado Alley” but they can happen just about anywhere. Here are some tornado safety tips to help you and your family keep safe during a tornado. 

Tornado safety tips to keep you and your family safe

Plan ahead

The most important way to stay safe is to plan ahead and be prepared before a storm occurs. 

  • New batteries and a TV or radio that runs off of batteries are important to have, so you can be updated on the latest news on the tornado.
  • Be sure to have an emergency plan that includes a safe shelter for you and your loved ones
  • An emergency kit filled with non-perishable food, bottled water, and medical supplies.
  • A folder with all your important documents will be something you’ll want to have on you as well.

It is essential to educate your children on what a tornado is and what they need to do when they see the warning signs. 

Check your insurance policies

It’s always a good idea to check your insurance policies to ensure you’re covered in the event a storm does destroy your home or vehicle. 

If you have any questions regarding your insurance policies, give TGS Insurance a call or visit our website here. Our agents will be more than happy to review your current policies to make sure you’re completely protected, and will even shop your insurance for a better rate and coverage. 

Be aware of the weather conditions

To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones from a tornado, be aware of changing weather conditions. It is important to watch or listen to weather updates to know if storms are expected. Tornados can be unpredictable and quickly strike without warning. Here is a list of signs of a tornado nearing:

  • A dark or green sky color
  • Low-leveled clouds that are large and dark.
  • Hail
  • A heavy roar that is similar to the sound of a freight train

If you see any of these signs, take shelter as soon as possible and stay informed by your local news stations for updates. A great way to stay in contact with your local news stations is to follow them on social media for live updates. 

Be familiar with where to take cover

“Falling and flying debris cause most deaths and injuries during a tornado.” Since there is no absolutely safe place when a tornado occurs, there are locations that can be safer than others.

  • If you have a basement, seek shelter there. If you don’t, then seek the lowest level in your home that’s the most centered and has no windows. 
  • For extra protection, take shelter under something strong and sturdy. Protect your head with a blanket, sleeping bag or mattress.
  • If you’re in a mobile home, seek shelter elsewhere. 

If you are outside or reside in a mobile home during a tornado, seek secure shelter. If you are driving while a tornado hits, do not try to outrun it. Seek the nearest building and take cover there. 

While meteorologists can do their best to predict how a tornado will act, sometimes mother nature will throw you a curveball. It is crucial to be prepared, educate your family on what to do when a tornado strikes and know your designated safe spot. These tips will give you the best possibility of safety during a tornado. And of course, call or click to visit TGS Insurance to connect with an agent who will make sure you’re covered in the event a tornado hits your home or damages your car. 

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