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3 Reasons To Protect Your Jewelry With Homeowners Insurance

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3 Reasons To Protect Your Jewelry With Homeowners Insurance

Jewelry is an important and valuable possession that we all take pride in owning and want to protect. We want you to know how to protect your jewelry with homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, bad things can happen, and sometimes that valuable item can become lost, stolen, or damaged. Insurance protects these precious items. Whether it’s a diamond necklace your grandmother gave down to you or a very expensive watch or fur coat.

Insurance makes it possible to be get compensation for your most valued jewels if something unfortunate were to happen to them. Below are three reasons why it’s important to insure your jewelry:

Reason #1: It could protect you from a financial loss

Your home insurance policy will cover any precious items and losses caused by perils listed in your policy. Including fire, windstorm, theft, and vandalism. Usually, there are special limits of liability, such as theft. It is easy to steal jewelry, so the standard policy limit for liability of theft is around $1500. This means that in the event your engagement ring valued at $5,000 is stolen, your insurance carrier will only cover the amount specified in your policy up to $1,500, or whatever the liability limit is set at. 

If you want more protection, you can increase coverage in two additional ways. You can raise the liability limit or purchase a floater policy. This is “scheduling” your valuables- this is the more costly option but offers the most protection. Floater policies cover anything not included in your home insurance policy. Such as accidental losses, like dropping your earrings down the sink or leaving a watch in a hotel. To purchase a floater policy, your jewelry must be professionally appraised- your TGS Insurance agent can help with that. 

Reason #2: To Keep the Emotional Value Behind Your Jewels

When you protect your jewelry with homeowners insurance, you will get basic coverage. This will give you peace of mind knowing your most valuable items have some protection. You’ll have the option to be able to replace or reimburse any items should something happen to them. 

Reason #3: Protecting it from possible damages

If your jewelry or other special item is damaged due to one of the listed perils in your policy, such as a fire, then your home insurance policy will help cover the costs up to your coverage limits. So, for example, if a fire in your home caused damage to your watch collection, the damage would be covered under your home insurance policy up to your limits. 

How to Obtain Coverage for Your Jewelry

Protecting your jewelry is simpler than ever with your home insurance. There are two factors to take into consideration when insuring your prized possessions:

  • Acquire an extension or a rider. When you have home insurance, you can buy a rider to cover your jewelry.
  • Research well-known independent jewelry insurance companies. If you do not have homeowners or renters insurance coverage, it is smart to pursue an independent company for jewelry protection. Many firms concentrate on jewelry coverage, and your TGS Insurance agent can help you explore options that best protect you and your valuables. 

You’ll need to get your jewelry evaluated professionally if you want to obtain a floater policy. This will help maximize the protection of your prized possessions outside what’s covered in a homeowners insurance policy. The profession will evaluate your jewelry in three ways: 

  • Replacement value: The insurance company covers costs for the loss at current market worth at the time you lost it.
  • Cash value: This is about the jewelry’s worth at the value the market is today. This only pays attention to the original purchase price of the jewelry.
  • Agreed value: Using an agreed value for your insurance protection allows you and your insurance provider to determine what to provide at the time of loss. In this evaluation, there is no set amount to of reimbursement. 

Accidents and mistakes can happen, and protecting your most valuable items by insuring them is something you’ll want to consider doing. At TGS Insurance, our team specializes in protecting the things you value most at a rate that doesn’t break the bank. Contact one of our agents by either calling us at 1-855-771-4509 or filling out a quick form on our website here