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Common Winter Weather Insurance Claims

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The most common winter weather insurance claims and how to prevent them.

Winter has finally come, and with it comes cold weather troubles. Homeowners are especially susceptible to winter’s harsh hazards that could lead to home damage and increased insurance claims. We compiled some of the most common claims during winter, and how to minimize your risk.

What Are Common Winter Weather Insurance Claims?

It’s no surprise that most winter claims occur due to weather- mostly snow and ice. According to this article from Zillow Porchlight, the most common and costly claims are:

  • Water leaks
  • Wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • Frozen pipes
  • Roof damage from snow and ice

The most expensive winter claims based on average cost are:

  • Frozen pipes: $18,000
  • Hail damage: $10,000
  • Tree collapse: $6,000

Can I Prevent Winter Weather Claims?

Most of these common problems are preventable if tended to or can at least lessen the brunt of Mother Nature’s damage. By remaining proactive and keeping up with your home, you can lower your risks of winter-related insurance claims.

Protect your pipes

Insulate all the pipes in your home, both indoors and outdoors. Keep your home at 55 degrees or above, and when the weather outside dips below freezing let your faucets trickle to help keep that water flowing. You can also do things like drain and disconnect hoses, drain your sprinkler supply lines and keep those garage doors closed!

Maintain a good roof

Upkeeping with your roof is absolutely crucial during the winter! Make sure you’re replacing lost or damaged shingles and cleaning your gutters regularly. Failing to do so, can cause water damage that can seep in from the outdoors. Make sure you understand your homeowners insurance coverage for any hail and wind exclusions that may apply.

Trim those trees

The trees may look beautiful when covered in a layer of snow or ice, but when that becomes too heavy and the tree branch snaps, breaks, and falls on your home or on top of your car, it’s not so pretty anymore. Be sure to spend some time trimming those sketchy tree limbs back and ensuring there’s no overhanging dangers to your home or vehicles.

Get the Right Coverage With TGS Insurance

If your home does become the victim of nature, your home insurance policy will help cover you, but only if you have the right coverage. A typical homeowners insurance policy covers damage that is a direct result of winter-related events. However, homeowner negligence isn’t covered, which is why you should always be active in the upkeep of your home- especially as the weather changes. If you’re not sure what your current policy covers, or want to compare homeowners insurance coverage, TGS Insurance Agency can help! Give us a call at 1-855-821-4678 or visit our website here.