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Drones Are Changing The Claims Process

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Automated drones have gone from science fiction to commonplace over the last decade. The usefulness of these drones seems to have no end, from military use to agriculture, photography and yes, even insurance! Drones are completely transforming the claims process for auto-insurance policies.

Drones are Changing Auto Insurance Claims

Drone use for auto-insurance claims have made significant headway in improving the speed, accuracy and thoroughness of cost estimation and claims processing following an accident. While the use of this technology is still in the early stages, it’s easy to see how helpful drones will be in assessing automobile accidents in real time.

Currently drones are still being rolled out, but it’s easy to see how they could quickly become the de-facto response for an automobile crash. As soon as a vehicle is involved in a collision it can send a signal to a nearby UAV station. That station can then immediately dispatch a drone to the crash site to take photos of the accident, assess injuries and even automatically dispatch emergency services if necessary.

This rapid data collection will provide insurers with accurate information, more quickly than ever before. In an ideal scenario, a claim are filing and processing before the victims of an accident even return home.

How Drones are Changing Claims

Drones will help you pay claims more quickly, but they can also make accidents more safe by dispatching emergency services. Whereas before accident victims may have had to rely on a good samaritan passing by, automatically dispatched drones will ensure that medical services are notified in a timely and efficient manner. This is particularly true when accidents occur in a more rural area, where there might not be a passerby for hours or even days.

As drones become more reliable and affordable we are going to see them find much more use in the commercial sector. Soon enough you’ll order a package and a drone will deliver it. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities and great to see the insurance industry becoming early adopters of such a transformative tool.

TGS Is Staying Ahead

Of course, a drone can’t help you file a claim if you don’t have an insurance policy to begin with! To learn more about the policies available for you, click to get your hassle-free quote in 15 seconds or less! Using the power of data a a few other smarts, our team of experts are able to shop our book of 40+ carriers to find a policy for just about any situation or risk, with budget in mind.

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