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People who work in the insurance field, particularly when it comes to claims, are used to dealing with some pretty crazy questions. One company decided that it’s time to make some money off of one of the more ridiculous ones: Do I need alien abduction insurance?

I think most of us can agree that paying for alien abduction insurance is a massive waste of money. The St. Lawrence Agency, a Florida company that’s locally referred to as the UFO Abduction Insurance Company, decided to capitalize on the people who don’t agree by offering an alien abduction insurance policy. As of July 2019 they’ve sold over 6,000 policies.

The man behind this is Mike St. Lawrence. A man, who when asked to describe himself says that he is in the “humor business”. The joke becomes more clear when you take the time to read the fine print of the benefits that come with these policies.

An alien abduction insurance policy will cost you $19.95 and offers psychiatric care, “sarcasm coverage” and “double identity coverage.” If you want to prove to your friends that you’re covered, you can pay an extra $5 for a paper certificate.

The policy offers $10 million in coverage, but at a payout of $1 per year for 10 million years. According to the company they’ve paid out a total of two claims since they began offering the policies in 1987.

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