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Mobile Home Insurance: Here’s What You Need To Know

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What is Mobile Home Insurance? 

Mobile home insurance, also called an HO-7 policy, is a type of insurance that covers a mobile or manufactured home. It functions similarly to a homeowners insurance policy, offering different insurance coverage depending on your needs. 

Learn more about the basics of mobile home insurance and how it works to protect you and your home. 

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover? 

Mobile home insurance offers coverage for: 

  • Dwelling coverage: protects the physical structure of your home and any other permanent structures on the property listed in your policy, like a deck, garage, or shed. 
  • Personal property coverage: includes protection for your personal belongings. 
  • Liability coverage: protects you if someone gets hurt on your property, and you or a household member are legally liable. Liability coverage may also cover legal fees or medical bills up to your policy’s limits. 
  • Loss of use coverage or additional living expenses (ALE) coverage: will cover any temporary living arrangements and food bills if your home is deemed unlivable due to a loss. While your home is under repair, it would be best to stay elsewhere. 

Manufactured homeowners can also purchase a “peril policy,” a type of insurance that offers their policyholders a low premium but high risk. Peril policies provide minimal coverage, so you would be financially liable for any damages that occurred from a peril not included in your policy. 

What Does Mobile Home Insurance NOT Cover? 

Depending on your carrier, there are some exclusions for mobile home insurance policies. If you’re seeking a specific type of coverage, you may need to purchase separate policies or endorsements. And depending on your location, some perils may be flat-out excluded. Common exclusions include: 

  • In-transit damage
  • Earthquake insurance 
  • Flood Insurance 
  • Hurricane windstorm insurance

How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost? 

The average mobile home insurance policy costs anywhere from $300 to $2,000 a year depending on several factors, including: 

  • Where you live
  • Deductibles
  • Additional policy endorsements (Ex. earthquake, flood, and windstorm/hail)
  • Policy limits
  • Weather risks (Ex. hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) 
  • Age, condition, and value of your manufactured or mobile home
  • The crime rate in your area
  • Wildfire risks 
  • Proximity to the fire department or police department 

What’s The Difference Between Home Insurance and Mobile Home Insurance? 

Mobile and home insurance are the same types of insurance except for the significant structural dwelling differences each policy covers. Mobile homes pose more risks because they aren’t attached to any foundation, are more susceptible to fire, wind, or broken pipes, and sometimes are a higher target for theft or vandalism. However, mobile homes tend to hold less value than traditionally built homes, which helps offset risk-related insurance costs. 

Though subtle, these significant differences between a traditional and mobile home are why mobile homes are insured entirely differently from a constructed house. 

How Can I Save Money on My Mobile Home Insurance? 

There are a few ways you can save on your policy. First, some insurance carriers may offer discounts for installing home security cameras or security systems. Other discounts besides security upgrades include: 

  • Bundling your mobile home policy with another policy, such as auto
  • Retirement and senior discounts
  • Being the original titleholder 

Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about what discounts are available to you! 

Some mobile homeowners buy a peril policy instead of an all-encompassing comprehensive mobile home insurance policy. While this may help you save on your monthly premium, should something happen to your home, you may need more coverage to help should you ever need to file a claim. Just keep risk over reward in mind when purchasing your policy! 

The last thing (and most important) that you can do to save on your mobile home insurance policy is to shop your policy around with different carriers. It’s best to get a quote from at least 5 to 7 carriers to see the best deal on the market. However, this can be a time-intensive process, and sometimes homeowners don’t always know if they’re getting the best deal. At TGS Insurance, we can help. Get your hassle-free (we mean it) mobile home insurance quote today! We’ll shop your policy across our bank of 35+ A-rated (or better) insurance providers to find a perfectly balanced policy for the coverage you need at a rate that doesn’t break the bank. 

Do I Buy Mobile Home Insurance For My Modular Home? 

Though similar, a modular home differs from a mobile home; in most cases, you’ll need a standard home insurance policy to cover your modular home. 

Does Law require Mobile Home Insurance? 

Mobile homeowners are not required to have insurance by Law, but it may be needed if you need to finance your mortgage or plan to live at a mobile home park. We recommend you carry a basic mobile home insurance policy even if you don’t need one because the cost to make repairs or replacements to your home financially outweighs the risk of not having a policy. 

TGS Insurance Can Help You Save Real Money

Shopping for mobile home insurance is easy with the experts at TGS Insurance. We don’t believe anyone should have to sacrifice the coverage they need to save. That’s why we shop your policy through 35+ carriers to find an incredible mobile home policy that strikes the perfect balance between coverage and price. Our team handles all the paperwork from A to Z for the easiest buying experience! Please don’t wait. Get your hassle-free quote now and see why over 15,000 Texans trust us for all their insurance needs. 

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