The Most Common Home Insurance Claims in Katy, TX

Katy, Texas is a great place to own a home and build a life. Katy home insurance helps you protect that life by protecting your home and property from dangerous perils it may face including those from weather, others, defective materials, and so much more. But no two home insurance policies are the same. Different companies and policies cover different perils which allow for an overwhelming amount of policies to choose from. Luckily, with TGS Insurance our team of agents has established relationships with a variety of top-rated carriers which allows them to find the right policies that fit your needs and budget while taking away the stress of comparison shopping. Below we have compiled a list of the most common home insurance claims in Katy so that you can stay informed and protected!

#1: Katy is Prone to Wind and Hail Claims

The first thing that may come to mind would be hurricanes and tropical storms. You wouldn’t be wrong that these are truly devastating events, but harsh winds and hail can occur from a number of different things.. Even a band of severe thunderstorms has the potential to create winds over 50 mph, tornadoes, and hail that can ruin your home and property. Destructive and imposing, wind and hail damage can be a nightmare, and without windstorm insurance to compliment your home insurance policy, you may be left paying a lot more than you think. TGS Insurance helps our clients avoid gaps in their coverage and bundle to save monthly.

#2: Floods and Water Damage are Common in Katy

As developments continue, it seems that flooding is a more and more frequent problem in the area but it doesn’t just take a major storm to cause such damage. Flash floods from heavy rains can destroy what you have worked hard for and the things you have earned inside. Water damage from faulty pipes and even burst pipes during freezing events can leave destruction to your home. Home insurance is there for you for some water damage perils but during a flood, you are going to need flood insurance. 43% of homeowners believe that their home insurance policy will be enough for a flood event, however, if water damage is a result of flooding outside your home, without a flood insurance policy, you’ll be stuck handling the costs to rebuild on your own.

#3: Property Damage (Non-Weather Related) and Vandalism

Rebuilding your home after a car drives through it or a vandal destroys a window or two can be an exhausting process. Something that you cannot control is derailing your home and your life. There are many examples but only one real solution, a quality home insurance policy that is there to help you repair what is damaged during your time of need.

#4: Fire and Lightning Damage Low in Katy but Pricey

While you are unlikely to face a terrible event dealing with fire or lightning strikes, it is not impossible and when they do occur, they are very expensive. Fire claims are among the most expensive claims in insurance and when a fire occurs, it can be difficult for a homeowner to do anything but seek safety, much less limit the amount of damage that befalls their home and property. Home insurance policies can help you rebuild and replace what is lost during these life-altering events.

#5: Home Invasion in Katy, TX

The city of Katy is a beautiful one with a vibrant community but virtually nowhere is immune to home invasions. Some studies show that in America, home robberies happen as frequently as more than two per minute. Home insurance policies can help you protect valuables and restore what is lost by paying you the replacement cost, depending on your home insurance policy, to help you move forward from this unthinkable invasion of privacy. And don’t forget, vandalism and property damage should be expected during a time like this. Home insurance helps pay for the costs of repairs that may be necessary for the aftermath of a robbery.

Affordable Home Insurance in Katy, TX

TGS Insurance helps homeowners in Katy every day find the right home insurance policies that not only save money but can be bundled with a variety of other important insurance policies to help eliminate gaps in coverage. We pride ourselves on putting our clients first and work to find the best policies to fit your needs and budget. TGS Insurance has proven to save the average homeowner in Katy more than $546 a year on home insurance costs!

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