The 5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims in Pearland in 2020

The 5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims in Pearland

Pearland, Texas is a thriving community home to a wonderful, growing population. Homeowners in Pearland are well-positioned to create a wonderful life. Home insurance helps protect this life by protecting your home, its contents, and those you love from the many perils that might come their way. TGS Insurance loves helping the people of Pearland every day protect their homes and save money in the process. Below are the 5 most common home insurance claims in Pearland and how to make sure you’re covered.

#1: Wind and Hail Damage is a the top Threat for Pearland

The most frequent threat that our many top-rated insurance carriers must deal within the city of Pearland is damage from wind and hail. From hurricanes to severe thunderstorms, wind and hail can devastate a home without skipping a beat. Windstorm insurance helps provide coverage where your home insurance policy may not. Remember, severe damage from these types of events doesn’t always occur during hurricanes or even tropical storms. A severe thunderstorm can produce conditions for tornadoes, hail, and gusts moving over 50 mph. Avoid high repair costs by bundling these policies for more coverage and more savings.

#2: Water Damage and Flood Events

Freezing temperatures aren’t a constant threat as they are in other parts of the country, however, they can still reach homes in Pearland and burst pipes. Your home insurance policy should cover water damage from this or other faulty plumbing but for flooding that occurs from outside of your home, a proper flood insurance policy will be needed. In fact, 43% of homeowners believe their home insurance policy will be enough for such an event but end up left paying the price. Bundling your home insurance with flood insurance is a great way to eliminate any gaps in your coverage and protect yourself from ridiculous repair costs that may occur after a flood event.

#3: Vandalism and Non-Weather Related Property Damage in Pearland

Are you prepared to cover the repair costs to your home should someone hit it with a vehicle? What about debris from an aircraft causing severe damage? Or possible damage from a vandal looking for fun in all of the wrong places? Protect your home and your bank account with a reliable home insurance policy that helps restore your damaged property and your home during times of distress.

#4: Fire and Lightning Damage Provides Major Threats

The threat of fire and lightning damage may not come from the frequency at which these events occur, but it surely does from the widespread destruction they can bring. One of the most heartbreaking situations a homeowner can go through, fires show no mercy and can take everything you’ve worked for in mere moments. Having a proper home insurance carrier is the key to finding a foundation to build upon again after a fire has taken place.

#5: Burglaries Can be Costly

25.7 seconds. That’s how often home burglaries occur in the United States according to the FBI. Pearland is a wonderful community but home invasions are a basic problem that affects all communities wherever there are homes. TGS Insurance can help you find the right home insurance policy to be there for you should one occur on your property. Don’t get stuck paying for the costs of repairs or property lost in the aftermath of a robbery. Find the right policy that fits your lifestyle and needs and stay protected.

TGS Insurance Helps Pearland Save on Home Insurance and More

Home insurance is a no-brainer. It helps keep your home secure and is there for you when disaster strikes. But for full coverage, bundling other insurance products will help mitigate risks and provide a financial step forward during a peril that has caused damage to your home. TGS Insurance helps homeowners throughout Pearland find the right coverages for their home and save $570 a year in the process.