What Are The 5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims in The Woodlands

The 5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims in The Woodlands

Protecting your home is important and the right home insurance policy is the foundation for keeping it secure. The Woodlands, Texas is a wonderful place to live and grow but as beautiful as this city is, it too faces its own set of perils. While having a home insurance policy is important, knowing the type of coverage your home needs and finding the right home insurance carrier can be difficult. TGS Insurance helps clients find the carrier and plan that fits the needs of their home and budget. Get to know more about how you can better protect your home by learning the most common home insurance claims in The Woodlands.

#1: Wind and Hail Claims From The Woodlands

Although north of Houston, The Woodlands is still relatively close to the coast, and with this proximity comes run-ins with extreme tropical weather. Windstorms can leave devastation in their wake and create unlivable conditions, but these extreme scenarios are not the only threat when it comes to wind and hail damage. Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes can bring winds that approach 60 mph, tornadoes, destructive hail, and gusts that can destroy your property. Windstorm insurance helps you protect against such perils in areas that your home insurance may be lacking. Bundling your policies creates a more comprehensive level of coverage for your home and can save you money each month.

#2: Water Damage and Flooding are Constant Threats

The Woodlands has been spared in the past from some of the severe floodings that have affected the larger Houston metro area during hurricanes and tropical storms, however, some flooding has still occurred and even torrential rains can pose a threat through flash flooding. Your home insurance policy may protect you if there is water damage as a result of a faulty pipe or a burst pipe due to freezing, but without flood insurance, you’ll be stuck paying for the costs of rebuilding should your home flood from an outside force. Despite 43% of homeowners believing their home insurance policy will suffice, when water damage is a result of flooding from outside of the home, you’ll need a flood insurance policy to help cover the costs. Combining flood insurance coverage with your home insurance mitigates your risks and can help you rebuild from a devastating flood event.

#3: Non-Weather Related Property Damage and Vandals

Though less frequent, there are many home insurance claims related to the destruction of property from another party. This includes vandalization. Home insurance policies can help you cover the cost of repairs should your home face one of the many perils that can bring these types of events including attempted burglary, a vehicle accident involving your home, debris from an aircraft, vandalization, etc.

#4: Fire and Lightning Are Severe Threats

Damage as a result of fire or lightning is one of the lower recorded claims in The Woodlands but when they are submitted, the costs can be substantial. Without the right home insurance coverage, homeowners can be left paying for an entire rebuild on top of the property that is lost and any other costs associated. All of this while trying to pick up the pieces and move forward. If you suffer a house fire, the trauma that it brings is indescribable. Working with the right home insurance agency will help you rebuild quicker, without the burden of picking up a considerable financial setback.

#5: Home Invasions

It’s no secret that The Woodlands is overall a beautiful, vibrant, safe community. But home invasions are an unfortunate part of any community as they can happen to anyone. Robberies usually don’t occur as they do in the movies. It’s a simple break-in while you’re away at work for some cash, jewels, and electronics. It’s leaving your door unlocked while you make a quick errand run. The truth is, there are more than two burglaries every minute in the United States, and with them comes an invasion of property, loss of valuables, and destruction of property. Home insurance policies help you recoup what is lost and restore a bit of normalcy during an uneasy time.

TGS Insurance Proudly Serves The Woodlands

As you can see, not having the right coverage for your home can lead to substantial costs and a lot of stress. Home insurance is a great place to begin protecting your home and property but other policies can help fill in the gaps your coverage may face with home insurance alone. TGS Insurance prides itself on connecting clients with the right providers and coverage options, including bundling, that provides the level of protection you need and fits your budget. TGS Insurance has tremendous success saving homeowners in The Woodlands money with the average savings equating to $1,838 a year!