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Does Car Insurance Cover Pothole Damage?

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damages caused by potholes cost drivers $26.5 billion in 2021

Unfortunately, potholes are a fact of life. According to a study by AAA, 1 in 10 drivers sustained vehicle damage significant enough to warrant repairs after hitting a pothole. The damages from potholes averaged about $600 per repair. This hefty price tag has drivers asking an important question: does car insurance cover pothole damage?

Does Car Insurance Cover Damage From A Pothole? 

The answer to this question depends on the type of coverages you have chosen to include in your auto policy.

For your insurance to pay for your damage, you need to have collision coverage. Collision coverage will cover damages to a car resulting from an object (e.g., pothole, guard rail, or lamp post), collision with another vehicle, or flipping over.

If you hit another vehicle, or pedestrian, because you hit a pothole, your liability coverages will help to cover their property or injuries.

Talk to your insurance agent and review your policy to make sure you’ve got coverage for potholes. Depending on where you live, coverage may be excluded. 

What To Know About Filing A Claim for Pothole Damage

If you have collision coverage, your insurance carrier could categorize any damage from a pothole as a “single-car accident.” Be sure to document everything if you decide to submit a claim for pothole damage. Document the damage, the pothole itself, the weather conditions, etc. Keep in mind, that collision coverage has a deductible so your damages need to cost more than the deductible for filing a claim to be a good option.  If you file a claim, it will be added to your claims history- which could result in raised rates at your renewal.

How Does a Pothole Damage My Vehicle?

Hitting a pothole with your car can be nothing but an annoyance, or cause some serious damage. Depending on what speed you hit a pothole at or how deep/big it is, you can damage your alignment steering, or suspension systems, as well as damage your tires or rims. Hitting a pothole can even result in your engine shifting resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

How To Check For Pothole Damage

Signs that you’ve got pothole damage include your car pulling in one direction, loss of car control, low tire pressure, bulges in your sidewalls, dents in your rims, or uneven wear on your tires. If you suspect your vehicle has any damage from hitting a pothole, it’s best to take it to a mechanic to have it looked at. Ignoring potential issues could cost you. 

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