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The 5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims in Clear Lake

With serene views, peaceful vibes, and a wonderful blend of residents, Clear Lake truly has it all. It’s no wonder that the thriving community has over 17,000 homes! Your home can go through a lot when it comes to unfavorable conditions and these conditions, or perils as they are known in the insurance industry can leave homeowners with costly repairs if they are not prepared and insured. Home insurance provides the framework for protecting your home but some situations can arise in which additional coverage may be required. TGS Insurance assists homeowners in Clear Lake every day by finding them home insurance that is usually well below the state average from our top-rated insurance carriers. Take a closer look at some of the most common home insurance claims in Clear Lake and how you can stay prepared to deal with the events that cause them.

#1: Wind and Hail Damage is a Violent Threat for Clear Lake

Living near the coast comes with tremendous benefits. The lifestyle, the food, the culture, the recreation…we could spend a lifetime describing it. But this lifestyle includes inclement weather that can hurl deadly winds at your home causing a substantial amount of damage. Extreme cases include tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes, but even squalls and severe thunderstorms can lead to wind damage, tornadoes, hail damage, and more. Windstorm coverage picks up where your home insurance policy may let off and without it, you may be stuck paying for costly repairs on your own.

#2: Flooding and Water Damage Present a Challenge

Even with innovative projects to help mitigate flooding, risks still exist in the Clear Lake area. Your home insurance policy can help cases including burst pipes from freezing or a leaky pipe that causes water damage, but what about storm surges entering your home? A large thunderstorm that causes flooding? These scenarios and more will require additional coverage in the form of flood insurance that can make a difference when it comes to repair costs for your home. Many homeowners, 43% to be exact, believe that home insurance is enough to cover their home during a flood event, but when damage is caused from flooding that begins outside of the home, a flood insurance policy will be needed to avoid handling major damages alone. Bundling these policies can save you time, money, and headaches when the unthinkable occurs.

#3: Vandalism and Property Damage Not From Weather

Claims of vandalism and other acts that can cause damage to your home including car accidents and aircraft accidents can be a huge financial blow. The good news is that the right home insurance policy will help limit these costs and restore what was lost efficiently.

#4: Fire and Lightning Can Leave Your Home in Ruins

Though not the most frequent reason for a claim, and for that we are thankful, fire and lightning events can easily be the most destructive. Containing a fire as a homeowner can be an impossible task and finding a footing to rebuild your life after such an event can be equally as difficult. Protecting your home with a home insurance policy and an agency that is there for you during your time of need can make a world of difference when facing this adversity.

#5: Home Burglaries in Clear Lake

In the U.S. a home burglary will occur at a rate of once every 25.7 seconds according to the FBI. The violation of your home and the destruction of property plus loss of property is a heralding situation to deal with. TGS Insurance helps connect homeowners with home insurance policies that protect their valuables and help them cover repair costs and replacement costs of the goods they may lose during a home burglary.

Clear Lake Homeowners Can Protect and Save With TGS Insurance

Having a home insurance policy that saves you money while protecting your home is the beginning of securing your greatest investment. Bundling additional coverages, however, will help you stay better prepared for all the perils your home may face. TGS Insurance helps customers save on average over $870 a year on home insurance and can bundle a variety of additional coverages to fit your needs and create even more opportunities to save. Contact us and see the difference we can make for you and your home today.