Common Home Insurance Claims in Sugar Land

Sugar Land, Texas is a vibrant community that offers its residents many amenities filled with wonderful neighbors. This is what makes it such an ideal place for people to purchase a home and build a life here. Home insurance helps protect that life by protecting your home, property, and those inside your home. There are many different home insurance policies from a variety of insurance carriers. TGS Insurance helps clients find the right policies that fit their needs and their budgets. Learn how you can stay protected from some of the most frequently seen home insurance claims in Sugar Land.

#1: Sugar Land Suffers From Wind and Hail Damage

Whether it is a passing line of thunderstorms or a major hurricane, either way, wind and hail damage are a legitimate threat to the homes of Sugar Land. We have all seen the devastation left by storms such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Laura in recent years to the Gulf Coast and even severe thunderstorms can create conditions that can spawn tornadoes, produce gusts between 50 and 60 mph, and hail that can ruin a roof with ease. Your home insurance policy protects your home but without windstorm coverage, you may be left paying for many costly repairs on your own. Bundling these coverages together helps protect your home from gaps in coverage while lowering your monthly rates.

#2: Floods and Water Damage Claims

Water damage can ruin your home and cost you a fortune. When you consider demolition and remodeling costs, plumbing costs, and property loss, a hard freeze or a faulty pipe will make you glad you have a proper home insurance policy to help limit the cost of rebuilding. Flooding from outdoor sources on the other hand can leave just as much if not more damage and without flood insurance, your home insurance policy will likely not cover the damages. 43% of homeowners believe their home insurance policy will be enough, however, for damage caused by flooding from outside of your home, you’ll need a flood insurance policy to cover your damages. Sugar Land is no stranger to flooding events. From hurricanes to thunderstorms, the threat is always present, and protecting your home with the right policies is the key to peace of mind and moving forward should conditions become unfavorable.

#3: Non-Weather Related Property Damage

When something, or someone, causes property damage to your home, repairs coming out of your pocket can be disheartening. A car ran astray, vandalism, and even damage from an aircraft can be covered by a good home insurance policy. Restore your home quicker and take some of the financial burdens off of your shoulders with a proper home insurance policy.

#4: Fire and Lightning Damage Can Devastate Your Home

Claims from fire and lightning damage are among some of the most expensive in the Sugar Land area. It is extremely difficult to control a house fire with proper training, equipment, and experience. Homeowners looking to gain safety from the heat can have difficulty preventing a total loss from these events and the aftermath is a traumatic experience. Home insurance helps homeowners rebuild and start over when the unthinkable has afflicted their life.

#5: Break-Ins/Home Invasions

Home invasions are an unfortunate problem for any community. The FBI data shows that they occur once every 26 seconds or so. When you are trying to reclaim a sense of security and recoup the loss of items plus property damage, your home insurance policy will be there to help alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with the impact of a robbery.

TGS Insurance Helps Protect Homes in Sugar Land

The importance of home insurance cannot be overstated. It is the first step to ensuring that your home is well protected against the many perils it may face, but a home insurance policy alone may not be enough to cover everything that could leave your home in disrepair and your bank account lacking. TGS Insurance helps homeowners in Sugar Land, Texas save $346 per year through affordable policies from top-rated providers and offers additional savings through bundling.

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