The 5 Most Common Houston Insurance Claims for Homeowners

5 Most Common Houston Insurance Claims for Homeowners

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Having the right home insurance coverage can protect you when you are facing a range of unpleasant situations. In the insurance industry, we call these perils. Each peril can bring devastating results to your home, property, and life. Home insurance is the first step in protecting your home. But, just as important is making sure your home is protected with the right coverage. Don’t be fooled. Not all home insurance policies are the same. This is a good thing because, in the same sense, everyone has different needs, budgets, and so on. Finding the right policy and the right carrier is easy with the team at TGS Insurance. Learn more about some of the most common Houston Insurance claims for homeowners and how you can protect your home against them.

Wind and Hail Claims Reign Supreme in Houston

It should be no surprise the largest city in the Gulf Coast region has incredible amounts of wind claims. What may be surprising, however, is that if you want to avoid costly gaps in your coverage, homeowners insurance may not be enough. Windstorms can produce life-threatening winds and hail, creating a serious destructive force. These threats range from severe thunderstorms, tornado events, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Combining your home insurance policy with the right windstorm insurance policy can help you save tons of money when storms hit, and you need to file a claim. TGS Insurance can even bundle these policies together for monthly savings, giving you a complete coverage package and peace of mind.

Water Damage and Flooding, A Common Houstonian Problem

Water damage claims range from frozen pipes that burst to devastating flood events that occur all too frequently these days. While the weather spares Houston from freezing weather most of the time, it can still occur, and if you are caught off guard, you may be left to pay a hefty repair bill without the right home insurance coverage. Flooding events from major storms or even flash floods can uproot your way of life, and without flood insurance to complement your home insurance policy, you can be left to deal with the aftermath alone. 43% of homeowners incorrectly believe their home insurance policy protects against flood damage. If your water damage results from flooding from outside your home, you will need a flood insurance policy to make a claim and protect your home.

Vandalism and Non-Weather-Related Property Damage

Often, vandalism can go along with burglary, more on that later, but it isn’t the only form of mischief that can afflict your home. A prank went wrong, a group of kids looking for fun in the wrong places, etc., different forms of vandalism can surprise you with unexpected costs if you are not insured properly. Furthermore, property damage of any sort can do the same. Are you prepared should someone hit your home in their car? What about debris falling from an aircraft? Home insurance helps you protect your home and property from unexpected property damage and helps restore what is lost.

Damage From Fire and Lightning

The good news is that home insurance claims dealing with fire and lightning are on the lower end of the scale. The bad news? They are usually far more devastating and costly when they are needed. Once a fire starts, it can be difficult for trained professionals with the proper gear to contain and stop it. Much less you, a homeowner, needing to seek shelter elsewhere. Fires are traumatic and bring unspeakable destruction. The right kind of home insurance policy that insures your home and your personal property can help you rise from the ashes and rebuild what was taken from you.

Break-Ins and Theft in Houston

The act of burglary is one of cowardice and an invasion of your privacy and sanity. Beyond the obvious loss from the theft, vandalization, and property damage can occur as thieves ransack your home. According to the Houston Chronicle, in Houston, home invasions can occur 60 times every day. Further, taking precautions such as having a home security system, locking up valuables, and anything else that makes it difficult for a thief to make your home out to be an easy target will help deter thieves before they even begin. A home insurance policy will help you recover should such a peril face your home or property.

Protect Your Houston Home Today

Not having the right coverage can be an expensive and stressful mistake. Home insurance is the backbone of protecting your home and property. So, it is clear to see that more coverage may be required to avoid gaps when perils strike. TGS Insurance works to find the right provider and policies for our clients that allow for monthly savings. This is possible through bundling and more comprehensive coverage that fits the individual’s needs and budget. The average TGS Insurance policy for homeowners in Houston delivers an average of more than $500 a year in savings!