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How Do I Prepare For A Flood?

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The warmer months have finally arrive, and with them a new flood season. We walk you through how to prepare for a flood this season.

The warmer months have finally arrive, and with them a fresh new flood season. Depending on where you live, flooding may be a very real, and very dangerous part of your everyday life. While we can’t yet control the weather, we can make sure we are prepared for whatever mother nature throws our way. To that end, we are here today to address one of the most common natural disaster questions we get: How do I prepare for a flood?

Do Your Research

The first step in preparing for a flood is also the easiest—learn about where you live. The flood history of your geographical region can help inform the likelihood, and extent, of flooding today. If you live in an area that has historically seen frequent flooding, chances are you are going to experience that too. Take the time to do your research, and understand the area in which you live.

Know Your History

Part of knowing your geographical history is understanding flood season. Flooding season is different in every area, which means you need to know which months your home is most at risk. During that time you can take a few extra precautions to keep your property protected. For example, in areas at a high danger of flooding many people put out sandbags during peak flood season.

Check the News

Check the news regularly, and know which terms to listen to. Make sure you are either watching local news, or listening to the local radio during times that you think flooding may be a risk. Those channels will always keep you up to date, and keep you informed of any important information or evacuation orders.

Pay extra attention to the phrases these local news stations use to describe the flood risk. For example, “flood watch” means flooding is possible, while “flood warning” means a flood is imminent or already in progress.

Plan Ahead

If you live in an area at risk for flooding it is critical to have an evacuation plan in place ahead of time. In an ideal scenario you will always have plenty of time to prepare for an evacuation, but in reality you may only have minutes. By taking the time to prepare a go bag ahead of time, and having a predetermined escape route ready you can save yourself a lot of panic whenever disaster strikes.


While sandbags can never completely stop a flood, they can slow it down significantly. If you live in an area that always floods in the same place, you may want to consider laying down sandbags before flood season hits. Remember to only fill the sandbags halfway and stagger them on top of each other till they are at least two feet high.

For some reason floods are often the most underestimated of the natural disasters. The truth is that floods can be just as dangerous as tornadoes or hurricanes if left unchecked. While you can’t always avoid them, you can prepare for them if you follow the advice discussed today.

Get Flood Insurance With TGS Insurance

All of that being said, it’s also important to prepare for a flood and have a proper flood insurance policy. To learn about your current policy, or to inquire about a new one, reach out to an agent at TGS Insurance!