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Do I Need Texas Pet Insurance?

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You love your furry friends and we know you would do anything to keep them protected! Learn about Texas pet insurance how how to keep you companions safe.

Getting a pet is a big responsibility. It is a major life decision that should not be taken lightly. That being said, it can be one of your most rewarding choices. You could’ve been planning on getting a furry friend for months or just couldn’t say no to a cute face. If you find yourself with mans best friend, there are a few things you should know about Texas pet insurance.

Being a pet owner is an incredibly rewarding experience, but make no mistake, it’s also really expensive. Plan ahead and mitigate the financial damage your pet can get you into by getting the correct insurance policies. Now you can spend all that extra money you’ll save on bones and toys!

What Are My Insurance Options?

There are two basic types of insurance for pets that every owner should consider. These are costs that your pet may acquire, like surgeries or emergency visits, and the other type covers dog bites. While neither is mandatory, they could be a lifesaver down the line. 

Let’s start with the basics—pet insurance. A basic pet insurance policy does not cover any preventative treatment, think heartworm and flea medication. Still, it does kick in for unexpected expenses, which can add up quickly. A Texas pet insurance policy covers you if your dog needs surgery or a visit to the emergency vet.

How Much Does Texas Pet Insurance Cost?

Like any policy, pet insurance policies differ depending on the deductible and amount of coverage you need. Take the time to consult your veterinarian before purchasing a policy to ensure you get the right amount for your pet. For example, bigger pets need more of any kind of drug, so their vet visits will be consistently more expensive than that of smaller pets.

Is Pet Insurance Covered In My Homeowners Policy?

Most homeowners insurance policies include some type of coverage for things like dog bites. They also cover damge that occurs on your property or property damage incurred by your dog. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues associated with this.

Insurers view dogs as extremely high risk, particularly depending on the breed that you have. Since there is so much conflicting information about aggressive breeds, there is often a lot of contention between insurers and their pet-owning clients, particularly when a claim is filed. Not only that, but most insurers are quick to hike premiums after a dog bite claim since dog aggression isn’t something that goes away overnight.

Now, that being said, it’s still a good idea to make sure your homeowners policy has some sort of pet clause. The average cost of a dog claim in 2016 was $33,000. Not a small amount, to be sure, and definitely not an amount you want to have to pay in its entirety.

Keep Your Pet Protected With TGS Insurance!

If you want to learn more about your homeowners policy, or inquire about pet insurance, we encourage you to reach out to the staff at TGS Insurance. Not only are they pet lovers themselves, but they are also experts in the insurance industry. The TGS staff is always ready to answer your questions and find the right insurance policy for your lifestyle.