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When You Should Hire a Lawyer For an Insurance Claim

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Your carrier is supposed to payout when you make an insurance claim, right? But what happens if they don't?

Your insurance policy is a financial safety net designed to help you pay for life’s unexpected events, such as a car accident or a sink flooding your home, causing extensive damage. But what happens when you try to file a claim denied or only half gets paid out? It may be worth considering hiring a lawyer to help you if the claim is worth the fight- and in some cases, it is. Let’s review when you should hire a lawyer for an insurance claim. 

When to Contact a Lawyer About an Insurance Claim 

Consultations with lawyers are free, and it could be a good idea to explore your options and if a legal battle is worth pursuing. Depending on your claim, minor claims can settle without much fighting. Still, more significant claims for both you and the insurance company may be a more considerable undertaking. 

Claims that are worth getting some legal help include: 

  • Claims where a fault is hard to establish (ex., A car accident)
  • Expensive or convoluted claims 
  • Suits come to be when you and your insurance adjuster disagree early on in the process 
  • Large claims (ex., A house fire) 

For an in-depth look at what you need to know about how exactly the claims process works, check out this helpful article from the Insurance Information Institute.

Will a Lawyer Help if They Deny My Insurance Claim?

An experienced lawyer can help you get the insurance company to reverse the denied claim. But keep in mind, unless the insurance company sees new evidence, getting your carrier to change its position may be challenging- but not impossible. 

If you have a large claim (a hurricane destroys, ex., Your home), it may be worth having a lawyer on standby or hiring a public insurance adjuster. Because the claims process hinges on deadlines and paperwork, having someone in your corner can help advocate for you. 

Will a Lawyer Help Me Win My Claims Case?

Yes, hiring a lawyer can help your chances of success if you have a valid case. Remember, just because your claim was denied does not mean you should immediately lawyer up. Your insurance company wants to help you and provide all the financial compensation you are entitled to based on your insurance policy. If your case falls into any of the abovementioned categories, then a lawyer or public adjuster may be worth considering to ensure your claims process goes smoothly. 

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