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About Lighthouse Insurance

Insurance doesn’t begin with a quote. It begins with something far more important- you. Your perspective. Your vision. Lighthouse Insurance believes that home insurance is built around you. Moving forward is their relentless commitment to you. No matter what you face, Lighthouse Insurance will be there to help you through it. They strive to be the insurance experts for individuals in coastal states and provide the most dependable coverage available.

What To Expect With Lighthouse Insurance

Physical Damage Protection

Lighthouse Insurance will pay to repair your house, nearby structures and belongings damaged by fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, smoke, vandalism, malicious mischief or theft.

Liability Protection

You’ll be protected from out-of-pocket medical expenses if a guest is injured at your home. You’ll also be protected against judgments/legal expenses if you cause an accident away from home.

Loss of Use

During repairs, Lighthouse Insurance can reimburse the cost for lodging, additional food costs and additional gas if you have a longer commute.

Strong Financial Stability

Lighthouse Insurance is rated A (Exceptional) by Demotech, Inc., so you can feel at ease knowing you’re backed by financial strength you can depend on.

What Insurance Does Lighthouse Offer?

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